Hello, I'm Preety.
I love teaching with fun.
Simplicity is beauty to me.


Hello, my name is Preety Nema.

This page logs glimpse of my classes and activities that my gang performs- camps,fun events,competitions..etc.Join us to be a part of learning with fun.

<skillset> Cursive Writing|1st - 10th Tuitions|Quick Maths|Memory Games|
Spoken Hindi

My Favourite Things


Quick Cursive Writing

Make the best impression with your writing.

Exciting Ingredients :
Weekly Self Writing Competition
Multiple Styles of Curcive Writing
Creative Writing and Poster Making
And many more..

1st to 10th Schooling Tuition

Tution for 1st to 10th class school, for english medium.

Special Factor :
Event Based Learning
Narrative Teaching Strategy
Activity Based Self Evaluation
And many more..

Fun Classes

Quick Maths, Group Discussion, Memory Games, Spoken Hindi

Learn how to be smart and more confident in this competitive world. Be a quick problem solver, be an expert in memory games and learn diverse languages.

For Fun Lover :
Mind Map Building
Problem Visualization and Solving
Overcome Your Stage Fear
And many more..


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